About the Founders
We are pleased to be continuing our journey that is the FANtastic Horror Film Festival and joining the San Diego film festival community.  Our hope is to enhance the Halloween experience for Horror Fans in San Diego, surrounding areas, and beyond.
We are dedicated to the fans and filmmakers of Horror Movies.  JoAnn and I have over a half-century of entertainment and organizational experience, and we are no strangers to tackling a challenge.

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Yours in FANtastic horror,
JoAnn & Mike Thomas

Michael J.W. Thomas

 Mike has been in theatre for a long, long time. From a nervous teen in high school to Chairman of a local Community theater in his hometown of
 Philadelphia, Mike has worn as many hats as there have been opportunities for him. He has performed as an actor, a dancer, a musician, a stage manager, a choreographer, a music director, and every thankless job behind the scenes. He's also done bit parts in independent theater. His computer skills have been handy in complementing deficiencies in various productions, and has on occasion done some uncredited stunt work.

Mike has also worked with various Pharmacy Organizations, serving as President of The Academy of Pharmacy Technicians, the Association of Pharmacy Technicians, and currently moderates the Annual Conference for the National Pharmacy Purchasing Association.

Mike is currently a movie reviewer for the social movie site Matchflick.com, focusing on the Independent Movie Community, and has interviewed many Filmmakers as part of his responsibilities. Mike brings to FHFF over 30 years of Entertainment experience, and 25 years of Organizational work.

Together with his wife, JoAnn, Mike has done what others thought impossible with their limited resources. It is with this teamwork that Mike and JoAnn have tackled this project with all the confidence - and terror - required to make FHFF THE premiere horror film festival.
 JoAnn M. Thomas

JoAnn has been involved in many ventures over the past 30 years that have led to this newest endeavor.

She got involved with Pharmacy Professional Organizations as an organizer, and started one of the first AAPT (American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, known in their early days as APT-Association of Pharmacy Technicians) chapters in Michigan.  She has organized regional meetings for a number of Pharmacy Technician Organizations and has also been a speaker at various meetings.

After moving from Michigan to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania she got involved in community theatre where she started out as a Scenic Designer and over 18 years became Costume Designer and Artistic Director, responsible for all graphic design elements, including props and a souvenir programs for numerous productions.  During this time she also worked with another community theatre group as Scenic Designer.  She also has some acting experience having performed in a couple shows.  She continues to assist the community theatre, in Philadelphia from San Diego; providing them with costumes, office support, and scenic design and other artistic needs.

JoAnn became a fan of the horror genre after going to the 
Shockfest Film Festival in 2012.

Her goal is to focus her talents and experience on bringing the most positive aspects of the horror genre to as many people as possible.