Char Hardin

 Char Hardin is a southern woman with a passion for the macabre. She is a published author of horror/fantasy fiction and currently at work on several new projects for 2015. For the last four years, she has dedicated many hours to the viewing and reviewing of low-budget independently made horror films. She is considered a fair and honest reviewer by many in the industry.

She has a successful podcast show on Blog Talk Radio called “Charred Remains”.  Through Charred Remains, Char has interviewed many men and women involved in the making of horror films and novels. Char is a natural talker and strives to provide a relaxed interview for her guests and for her listeners.                                      
Char is a firm believer in the “Pay It Forward” movement and encourages everyone to contribute to random acts of kindness in the form of promotion of indie film makers as well as independent authors and other indie artists.                                               
 “Everything happens for a reason and most times it starts by someone taking a chance."


Blog Talk Radio
  Chris MacKay - Coined the word – Valleywood.  For makers of films in the middle of California.  Has three films available on Amazon.com  - MINDS Of TERROR (stars: Joe Estevez & Conrad Brooks), BOOT HILL BLIND DEAD (stars: Ron Ford & Athena Demos) and A DOVE AMONG PIGEONS (star: David Stay).  Has acted in over 15 films from Ian Pugh, Ron Ford, Charles Perez & Chris Watson.  Has played a “Giant Cockroach,” “Mad Scientists,” and “Hugo Strange.”  Has written many screenplays some titles: “A Dove Among Pigeons,” “Nosfera2,” “Tribal Black Ops,” Teed Off,” aka “Shank, Bloody Shank.”
  Sue Dent is the author of “Never Cease,” her debut novel that made the 2006 Bram Stoker Preliminary Ballot for superior Achievement in a First Novel. And also “Forever Richard,” the second in her “Thirsting for Blood” Series that made the 2009 British Fantasy Society long list. She is also author of “Electric Angel” which earned a resounding review from the British Fantasy Society and exciting words from Nancy Kilpatrick.
  Jonathan A. Moody is a filmmaker from Williamsburg, Virginia.  He’s been making horror films since 2009. His first feature film SCARY STORY SLUMBER PARTY was finished in 2012.  His acting credits include, FBI CRIMINAL PURSUIT, PLAN 9, NIGHTMARE at BUNNYMAN BRIDGE, and ZOMBIE ISLE.  He also runs his own online radio show, “The Independent Corner.”

Tonjia Atomic

Tonjia Atomic is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, musician, jeweler, and freelance writer. Her films include PLAIN DEVIL, WALKING to LINAS, CLAUDIA QUI, and the RAW MEAT series. Her writing has been featured in several online and print magazines. She is in the bands “Duet To-It,” “Huh-Uh,” and “Filthy Issue.”