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Joe Quintanilla - Celebrity Liaison
I am Joe Quintanilla and I must say that most of my close friends and colleagues offend tease me because I work in the horror film business as one of my many jobs! But in reality I am just the opposite and enjoy a good comedy film and Tear-Jerker.

 My characteristics are loyal dependable reliable and a friend for life! Which I will not hesitate to help anyone who may need my help.

My life revolves around my spirituality with the believe that we make our destiny consciously directing energy, making a choice, choose a positive emotion & holding focus. My life philosophy is to do as much as one can do in one day! Cause life is short and we may not have a tomorrow.

Since I was 5 years old I wanted to be on Television. When my father bought the family’s first Television, I knew I wanted to work in the film industry. So how does one break into the most sought after business in the world? Well i need to get my feet wet so i decided to attend Mar Vista High School in the city of Imperial Beach a quiet beach town in Southern California. Where i focus on acting through the school’s Drama Department and quickly found out that I was actually good at it I had no problems memorizing major dialog! All I had to do was look at my scrip twice and I had all my scenes dialog down! I worked really hard and then came that day that every actor waits all his life. When I was tapped to become a Thespian! I knew then that this was my calling. So I studied Drama for the four years of high school. Which I ended up playing mostly lead roles in Shakespearean plays and some heavy dramas. In my senior year I was nominated for Best Actor award and had some really good competition and won. I earned the award in 1983 and still today I cherish it dearly.

Attending college I quickly realized that the acting world was too hard and so I decided to give up my dream!! And move on to something that would allow me to make a good living. During this time I took on many types of jobs but was never really happy until. I stumbled into the teaching profession which I found this very rewarding and made me happy. One of my many jobs today is working at a local high school as a supervisor which means that i spend most of his day working with students and staff resolving issues, but as much as I love my job, I was still missing my love for the movies and acting.

So one day I heard of a convention called Comic Con in San Diego which is the mother of all conventions in the world and it happens to be held here were I live. So I rushed out to buy a pass, (back when you could without a herculean effort) and attended what seemed to me at the time to be Disneyland. I made my way through the thousands of fans and stumbled into leading horror ICON LEGEND Actress Adrienne King. Adrienne is now like my dear sister and somehow we struck an amazing friendship that has lasted to the present day.

Amazingly the friendship Adrienne and I forged was the answer to what I was looking for all these years. Although I was not an actor, I found being a publicist promoting actors, directors, producers with their projects very fulfilling and I was good at it. 

So throughout the years, I have promoted everything that Adrienne has been involved in. It was through Adrienne that I became involved with Misty Moon in London and started promoting all their events internationally. 

Knowing Adrienne led to a job with a Podcast show called Necronomicast as the P/R Marketing Specialist. That conducted interviews via phone! I worked hard to get the show today’s top celebrities in the horror business with my simple approach for every guest was to treat them the way he would like to be treated.

I knew that most of my celeb guests did not need to give their time to the show like Necronomicast but it was my warm and “treat-them-like family” approach that impresses them!!. That the celebs often commented that they had never been treated with such kindness. 
As I felt I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of booking and promoting I decided to part ways with Necronomicast in order for me to re-group! 

That is until I was made an offer from the producers of the show "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" Which is a live show in the heart of Hollywood where celebrities would conduct live interviews to a house of 500k plus listeners around the world.

I have learned in my life that being kind to others and never give up on the things that make you happy will always make you succeed. 

*Mr Jones (1993) - Uncredited

*Titanic (1997) - Passenger/Stunts

*BLOWBACK (2000) - Bar Patron

*Crystal Lake Memories "The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013)  - Publicity Enterprise

*Friday the 13th In Memoriam /Doucmantry Project (2014) - Associate Producer (post production)

*Hell's Kitty (2014) - Casting

*FANtastic Horror Film Festival - (2014) - Celebrity Liaison

*Scares That Care (2014) - State Representative

*Misty Moon Exhibitions Events (2014) - International Celebrity Liaison

*Hell's Kitty - collaborator   http://www.hellskitty.com/

*Friday the 13th Part 3 In Memoriam / Documentary Project - Associate Producer

*FANtastic Horror Film Festival - Celebrity Liaison

*What Were You Thinking - Marketing Specialist Publicity expert Booking Agent

*Scares That Care - State Representative

*Misty Moon Exhibitions Events - International Celebrity Liaison

Office/Cell phone @ *619-787-3151