Best Line
Bloody Wedding--Kate Murdoch, “I want a divorce!”
Dead Kansas—Tag Line, “Live In Hell Long Enough... Everyone Turns Into a Demon”
Krampus: The Christmas Devil-- Paul Ferm, "Have a Merry Christmas!”
The Cabining--Bo Keister, "Less is more, panties optional."
Zombie Casserole—Baxter Guilfoyle, “You didn’t fall on the zombie virus. The zombie virus fell on you.”

Goriest Film
17 to Midnight
Bloody Wedding
Lamb Feed
Night of the Sea Monkey
The Wretched Prologue

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
17 to Midnight
Phoenix Song
Tasha and Friends
The Wretched Prologue

Best Comedy Film
Money Ain’t a Thang
Tasha and Friends
The Cabining
Zombie Casserole

Best Zombie Film
Dead Kansas
Naked Zombie Girl
The Wretched Prologue
They Will Out Live Us All
Zombie Casserole

Scariest Death Scene
17 to Midnight
Bloody Wedding
Lamb Feed
Snake with a Human Tail
The Truck

Best Original Story/Script
KRAMPUS: The Christmas Devil
No Pets Allowed
Out of One’s Misery
The Wretched Prologue

Best Original Score
Awesome Ouija Board—Tonjia Atomic
Deadly Revisions—Andrew Poole Todd
Lone Gunman—Otto Kinzel
KRAMPUS: The Christmas Devil—Aaron Forsyth
Phoenix Song—Joanne Higginbottom

Best Special Effects/Make-Up Short Film
Lamb Feed
No Pets Allowed
Phoenix Song
The Wretched Prologue

Best Cinematography Short Film
A Dove Among Pigeons
Night of the Sea Monkey
Phoenix Song
Skitta Merink

Best Supporting Actress Short Film
Dara Swisher Carman— Zombie Casserole
Constance Cheloudiakoff—Phoenix Song
Kaci Hansen—Lamb Feed
Susan Mathews—A Dove Among Pigeons
Melanie Robel—Lamb Feed

Best Supporting Actor Short Film
Rickey Bird Jr— Naked Zombie Girl
Scott Geiter—Money Ain’t a Thang
Pakob Jarernpone--Modus Operandi
Michael Sharpe--Out Of One’s Misery
Michael Wainwright—Lamb Feed

Best Actress Short Film
Meghan Chadeayne—Naked Zombie Girl
Taryn Hough—Electro-Cute!
Lynn Lowry—Night of the Sea Monkey
Samantha Mack—No Pets allowed
Lindsay Smith—One More for the Road

Best Actor Short Film
Marv Blauvelt—Snake With a Human Tail
Roger Garcia—Cluster
Joe Mannetti—Night of the Sea Monkey
Robert Mukes—Lamb Feed
Bill Oberst, Jr.—Skitta Merink

Best Director Short Film
Rickey Bird Jr.--Naked Zombie Girl
Greg Kovacs--Tasha and Friends
Kate Marzullo—Phoenix Song
Navin Ramaswaran--One More for the Road
Michael S. Rodriguez—Lamb Feed

Best Short Film
Awesome Ouija Board
Lamb Feed
Naked Zombie Girl
Night of the Sea Monkey
Phoenix Song

Best Special Effects/Make-Up Feature Film
Game Camera
Krampus: The Christmas Devil 
The Lashman
The Truck

Best Cinematography Feature Film
Bloody Wedding
The Cabining
The Truck

Best Supporting Actress Feature Film
Dawna Lee Heising—Club Lingerie
Michelle Ellen Jones—Conjoined
Melissa Mars—The Cabining
Pason—Bloody Wedding
Kaylee Williams—The Lashman

Best Supporting Actor Feature Film
Rich Goteri— Krampus: The Christmas Devil
Bo Keister—The Cabining 
Andrew Lindsay—TILT
Joe McQueen—Dead Kansas
Bill Oberst, Jr. — Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Best Actress Feature Film 
Keefer Barlow—Conjoined
Cindy Merrill—Deadly Revisions
Kate Murdoch—Bloody Wedding
Erica Soto—Krampus: The Christmas Devil

Best Actor Feature Film 
Wade Dinert--TILT
Mike Kopera—The Cabining
A.J. Leslie— Krampus: the Christmas Devil
Tom Long--Conjoined
Bill Oberst, Jr.—Deadly Revisions

Best Director Feature 
Gregory Blair—Deadly Revisions
Joe Grisaffi—Conjoined
Jason HullKrampus: the Christmas Devil
Steve Kopera—The Cabining
Cameron McCasland—The Lashman

Best Feature Film
Bloody Wedding
Deadly Revisions
Krampus: the Christmas Devil 
The Truck

FAN Awards!
Best of the Fest
One Film Will Be Chosen By the FANS as the Best Film of the Festival
Must be an FHFF Attendee

Super FAN
Given to the FAN who has seen the most films at the Festival
In the event of a tie, there will be a runoff