Complete listing of the FHFF winners:

Most Memorable Line
Bloody Wedding--Kate Murdoch, “I want a divorce!”
Goriest Film
The Wretched Prologue
 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
Phoenix Song
Comedy Film
Zombie Casserole
Zombie Film
Dead Kansas 
Scariest Death Scene
Bloody Wedding
Original Story/Script
 Original Score
KRAMPUS: the Christmas Devil - Aaron Forsyth
Special Effects Short Film
No Pets Allowed
Cinematography Short Film
Phoenix Song
 Supporting Actress Short Film
Melanie Robel - Lamb Feed 
Supporting Actor Short Film
Michael Wainwright - Lamb Feed
Actress Short Film
Lynn Lowry - Night of the Sea Monkey 
 Actor Short Film
Marv Blauvelt - Snake With a Human Tail
Director Short Film
Michael S. Rodriguez - Lamb Feed 
 Short Film
Awesome Ouija Board
Special Effects Feature Film
Cinematography Feature Film
The Cabining 
Supporting Actress Feature Film
Melissa Mars - The Cabining 
Supporting Actor Feature Film
Rich Goteri - KRAMPUS: the Christmas Devil
 Actress Feature Film 
Cindy Merrill - Deadly Revisions
Actor Feature Film 
Bill Oberst, Jr - Deadly Revisions
Director Feature 
Jason Hull - Krampus: the Christmas Devil
Feature Film
Krampus: the Christmas Devil
Screenplay Competition Winner
Gym Ratz: A Tail of Terror by Kevin M. Glover & Shant Yegparian
#1 Horror FAN
Felix Boroguez
Best of the Fest 
The Lon Chaney Award for Excellence in Independent Horror
Bill Oberst, Jr.

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