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Information on the National Health Examination Program

Health is a condition of physical, emotional and mental well being in which infirmity and illness are either absent or reduced to minimal. It is the combination of mind, body and spirit that defines the concept of health. It also refers to a state in which a person’s relationships with other people are balanced and he achieves an optimal level of health, where he can enjoy his life to the fullest. It is the state where he feels contented and has achieved his life’s objectives.

If you want to know more about the health, you can visit the regional offices of the State Health Department and find information on different health topics. You may also contact the State Medical Board for health education and consultation services. The Department of Health and Welfare also provides many informative programs through various media such as radio, television, the internet and print media, aimed at disseminating information and educating the public on various health topics. You may also go to the regional offices of different organizations that work on issues pertaining to health. You can join up in health clubs or community based organizations to promote your awareness on health.

For more specific country specific health topics, you can contact the State Department of Health. They conduct specific country specific seminars on health topics, especially on AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. For a general knowledge on all health topics, you may also go to your State Medical Board or go to the regional office of your State Health Department to get more information. Go online to research on the different diseases that may affect you and your family and find out the ways to prevent them. You can find information on various causes and prevention methods for various diseases that you may come across.