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Medicines are the medical science, art and practice of treating a human being with medicine and also managing the whole clinical presentation, diagnosis, prevention, therapy or palliation of his/her ailment or injury. Medicine encompasses various health care practices developed to keep and restore lost health by the proper treatment and prevention of disease. It includes all the medical specialties in the field of general health practice like pediatrics, geriatrics, nursing, dentistry, nutrition etc. It also includes subspecialties like cardiology, orthopedics, neurological surgery, dermatology, oncology, gastroenterology, heath care, pathology, obstetrics and pediatrics. The chief objective of all the medicine practices is to provide effective remedies to patients and to prevent or reduce morbidity and mortality rates of diseases.


All the health care professionals may use pharmaceutical medicines approved by specialized bodies to treat and prevent diseases. All the medicines prescribed by the doctors must be authenticated for reasonable certainty to avoid any risk to the person’s health. Pharmaceutical industries engaged in the production of various medicines engaged in various drug research programs and clinical trials to develop better methods of providing medicines to the public. Such pharmaceutical industries engaged in providing quality healthcare services around the globe have conducted numerous clinical trials and produced high percentage of effective medicines for various fatal and critical diseases.

The pharmaceutical industries aim at producing cost-effective medicines for global health and nutrition market. It employs thousands of professionals to manufacture, deliver and handle the hazardous drugs. In the production of therapeutic agents, biotechnology approaches are used for the development of medicines. It involves various approaches like gene therapy, genetic engineering, transcription mediated amplification and transcription mediated transfer. The article below gives details of the above technologies used for the development of therapeutic proteins and drugs: